Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks Martin Pearson for your kind words

I asked Martin Pearson to write about our live performances of the new songs. Oddly he's seen us more than anyone in Brisbane, since we had the pleasure of playing at Andrew Pattison's Winery weekend this year and the wonderful Neurum Creek Festival and he very kindly replied:

I remember Leah and Jamie from the early “Women in Voice” shows. She has a riveting stage presence (even in pyjamas) and he was an inspired musical director and formidable guitarist. So when I saw them again many years later I was expecting great things. I wasn’t disappointed.

The combination of finely modulated voice and tasty guitar is now being applied to songs about the histories of their own West End of the Brisbane River. It doesn’t get more real than writing about things at the end of your own street. The songs are masterfully crafted with moments of exquisite beauty.

I recommend them to your listening ear.

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